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40G QSFP+ Transceivers


Optech's 40G QSFP+ transceivers serie includes the 40G QSFP+ SR4, 40G QSFP+ LR4, 40G QSFP+ PSM4, 40G QSFP+ ER4 and the latest innovation the 40G QSFP+ Bidi. It offers connecting solutions from 100m to 40km for data centers and high performance computing networks.

Our 40G QSFP+ transceivers support link lenghts up to 300m over multimode fiber cables with MTP/MPO connectors. The 40G QSFP+ transceivers support link lengths up to 10km over single mode fiber with MPO connectors (PSM4) and up to 40km over single mode with duplex LC connectors.

For shortest distance solutions, Optech offers high quality and cost effective cabling solutions such as 40G QSFP+ Direct Attach Cables (<5meter) and 40G QSFP+ Active Optical Cables (<100meter).

Part Number Model No. Picture Data Rate
Wavelength/Light Source Media Type Reach TX Power
RX Sens.
Voltage Note Datasheet
OPCS-WX1-85-C QSFP-40G-BiDi QSFP BiDI 40 850nm LC 150m TBD TBD 0~70 3.3V Bidi
OPCS-MX1-85-CB QSFP-40G-SR4 QSFP-40G-SR4 40 850nm MTP/MPO 100 m -5.6~+3 -5.4 0~70 3.3V  
OPCS-MX3-85-CB QSFP-40G-SR4 QSFP-40G-CSR4 40 850nm MTP/MPO 300 m -7.6~+1 -5.4 0~70 3.3V  
OPCS-S01-13-CBS QSFP-40G-IR4(PSM) 40G QSFP IR4 PSM 40 1310nm MTP/MPO 1.4 km TBD TBD 0~70 3.3V  
OPCS-S02-13-CB QSFP-40G-IR4 WSP-Q40GLR4L 40 1310nm LC 2 km -2~+3.5 -11.5 0~70 3.3V  
OPCS-S10-13-CB QSFP-40G-LR4 QSFP-40G-LR4 40 1310nm LC 10 km -4~+3.5 -9.9 0~70 3.3V  
OPCS-S10-13-CBS QSFP-40G-LR4(PSM) 40GBASE-PLR4 40 1310nm MTP/MPO 10 km TBD TBD 0~70 3.3V  
OPCS-S40-13-CB QSFP-40G-ER4 QSFP-40G-LR4 40 1310nm LC 40km -2.7~+4.5 -21.2 0~70 3.3V  
OPCS-X02-13-CB QSFP-40G-LX4 40G QSFP LX4 40 1310nm LC 2km TBD TBD 0~70 3.3V QDR/DDR